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What is going on beneath your home?

Crawl spaces are meant to be dry. Crawl Spaces are also easily ignored so knowing what is going on beneath you sometimes doesn't cross your mind. When crawl spaces are moist they can cause damage like:

*warped wood floors *mildew/mold issues (sometimes bad enough to cause interior air quality issues) *damaged joists and other structural damage

It is very important to understand what your humidity is in your crawlspace. If you smell moisture than means it is probably there. I have been told by reputable people I work with in the industry that your crawl space humidity should not be above 65-70% and that is still pushing it.

Things you can do to address this issue are to: *open vents around your crawl space in the summer and close them in the winter *install a sump pump professionally *have a dehumidifier in your crawl space that drains into your sump pump *install a quality vapor barrier once your crawl is dry and sump pump is working *call a mold professional if you have concern of mold/mildew being present *divert water away from your foundation, and your neighbors foundations, from water run off through your gutters

Please understand that if you ignore this issue it can catch up with you in the sale of your home with more buyers being savvy having mold testing done in crawl spaces. Mold seems to be a "four letter word" but if you take care of your crawl space you do not have to worry about it being an issue for you down the road. I have seen non toxic mold repairs be as easy as spraying a mold inhibitor and applying Kilz but I have also seen toxic mold issues cost $5000.00 or more to re-mediate. I urge you to pick a mold professional wisely if you think you have an issue or to discuss the ways to prevent it. Dog Gone Mold Springfield is one company I think is the best in town. I plug him not to benefit me but to help you realize there are companies out there that are looking to take advantage of people that have limited knowledge of the "mold" subject and I know he is one of the good ones!

Please use me as a resource if you have any questions. We have done all of the above precautions to our home and we are happy to help you should you choose to take a closer look at your crawl space.

Remember, I am Your Real Estate Resource!

Julia Henson

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